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High-performance network

In June 2022, the BMDV and DB Group presented plans for a new high-performance network to sustainably increase the quality and reliability of the rail infrastructure. The high-performance network is to include the most highly utilized rail connections in Germany. Today, these cover about 10% of the total network. Due to the forecast traffic development, the length of this highly utilized network is expected to grow as a result of additional traffic from about 3,500 km to over 9,000 km by the end of the decade, thereby increasing the share of the total network considerably.

During the general renovation of the high-performance network, all obsolete facilities prone to disruptions are to be completely replaced and improved. This will comprehensively eliminate the capital expenditure backlog. Three decisive and new elements are applicable to the general renovation of the highly utilized routes: consolidation of all construction measures, improved performance and customer-friendly construction. The experience gained from the general renovation of the highly utilized network involving greater consolidation, improved equipment standards and small and moderate measures for rapid capacity expansion should also be applied to the rest of the network wherever possible and sensible.

General renovation of the first rail corridor is scheduled to begin in 2024. Selection and actual implementation are to take place in close consultation with the rail sector and the business community. In order to directly stabilize and improve the operating situation by the start of the general renovation work, elements of the high-performance network that can be implemented in the short-term shall be brought forward: closure times will be consolidated more effectively and peaks in the construction workload will be spread out to a greater extent, diversion routes will be made more accessible and higher-quality and more robust elements will have been installed in advance wherever possible. DB Group increases its annual preventative maintenance budget by a significant three-figure million sum. This makes it easier to prevent small disruptions. By communicating comprehensively and at an early stage, DB Group is ensuring greater planning predictability for the public transport authorities, train operating companies and their customers.

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