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Product quality and digitalization

Customer safety

Security on trains and in stations

Every major station in Germany will be equipped with modern video technology by the end of 2024. The number of video cameras at stations will therefore increase to about 11,000. The live images from the cameras are used by our employees for scheduling in stations and to protect our rights as the owner of the premises. Only the Federal police has access to the recordings produced by the cameras. Video technology is taking on an increasingly prominent role in providing information on criminal offenses and identifying criminals.

Technical Safety Working Group

The Technical Safety Working Group (2021 Integrated Report) has developed construction, staffing and organizational measures and explored their feasibility under scientific support. Preparations and initial construction work are now underway to test selected technical components for greater travel safety at Berlin’s Südkreuz station under real-world conditions.

Presence and situation-specific deployment 

The security concept provides for a continuous increase in the presence of our own security staff. The two-person and on-call teams comprised of about 4,300 DB security staff are now being supplemented in all regions of DB Security by Mobile Support Groups (Mobile Unterstützungsgruppen; MUG), each with eight rapid response personnel and a team leader. Mobile support groups are trained to focus on providing efficient support to the police force when deployed to situations involving several potential troublemakers.

Prevention work with a new focus

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, the six nationwide prevention teams carried out more than 180 prevention deployments in the first half of 2022. Deployment locations are stations, railway crossings and freight stations, for example, if unauthorized track crossings increase. They also attend schools and youth organizations, raising awareness on the risks at railway facilities and measures for safe travel. In cooperation with the Berlin Senate, the prevention teams have developed a multiplier training for teachers.

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