Business development

Procurement volume

The procurement volume amounted to € 18.6 billion (first half of 2019: € 18.1 billion) and corresponds to the contractual obligations entered into by DB Group with suppliers. In the case of later realization, these become capital expenditures or expenses.

  • Freight and freight forwarding services fell slightly to € 5.3 billion (first half of 2019: € 5.4 billion).
  • Industrial products rose to € 4.8 billion (first half of 2019: € 4.2 billion), in particular due to the procurement of trains for the metro (S-­­Bahn) in Berlin.
  • The purchasing volume of construction and engineering services fell to € 3.6 billion (first half of 2019: € 3.9 billion).
  • Third-­­party services increased to € 3.7 billion (first half of 2019: € 3.2 billion), partially due to a greater demand for IT services.
  • Cable- and pipe-­­bound power and fuel fell significantly to € 1.2 billion (first half of 2019: € 1.4 billion).

The procurement of protective products for customers and em­ployees to manage the pandemic was significantly expanded.

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