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Approval procedure for station fees for 2023

BNetzA is currently reviewing the approval of the requested station fees for DB Station&Service AG for 2024. The Federal agency has exercised its extension option to consider the approval application and has extended the term of the procedure until assumption of approval to September 30, 2023.

Station program

Based on the experience gained from the 2020 and 2021 economic stimulus and tradesperson program, a station program was designed in 2022, the implementation of which is currently being discussed with the relevant partners. In order to ensure efficient, attractive access to rail and to contribute toward transport policy targets, stations must be developed holistically together with the Federal Government, the Federal states and local authorities. Experience in recent years also shows that customer satisfaction can be increased most significantly through holistic upgrading and development measures. This includes the actual transport infrastructure and the concourse building, as well as onward travel mobility and the station concourse. The measures are also necessary in order to reduce the large backlog. In 2023, DB Netze Stations will use DB funds to build the first 30 stations of the future. The methodology here can be found under Digitization and Inno­­vation – Consolidation of the Station of the Future approach.

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