Group Security

Security on trains and in stations

Every major station in Germany will be equipped with modern video technology by the end of 2024. This corresponds to around 11,000 video cameras. More than 500 new cameras were installed at five stations in the first half-year of 2023. These cameras supplement the technical equipment and also provide more high-resolution images as well as an advance in the level of quality. The live images of the cameras are used by DB Group employees to schedule in stations and to protect our rights as the owner of the premises. Only the Federal police will have access to the recordings from the cameras. Therefore, video technology is taking on an increasingly prominent role in providing information about criminal acts and identifying perpetrators. The number of video cameras in local transport and S-Bahn (metro) trains has also been significantly increased. With more than 50,000 video cameras, around 70% of the vehicles have been fitted with video recording equipment, which is a considerable increase of almost 5,000 cameras since the end of 2022.

24/7 threat management

In the first half of 2023, our threat management (2022 Integrated Report) provided support to affected persons and reporters in around 30 cases. The number of those affected who needed longer-term support remained roughly constant. However, the number of contacts in which problem situations were resolved in single conversations, increased. Support ranges from initial anonymous empathetic dialog to the provision of qualified psychological or medical assistance.

Security personel: greater presence and more staff for the infrastructure

The DB Group security concept provides for a continuous increase in the presence of our own security personnel. The first of up to 500 additional security personnel will, above all, provide greater protection to the rail infrastructure from 2023.

Sustainability indices

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