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Environmental measures

  • Use of HVO:
    • After extensive field trials, the biofuel HVO has been approved for DB Cargo’s entire diesel locomotive fleet in Germany since mid-2022. As DBeco fuel, it expands the Eco Solutions product range. A significant volume increase is planned for 2023. By the end of June 2023, around three million liters of HVO had already been used for refueling. In 2022, the total volume amounted to around 0.5 million liters.
    • Since DB Cargo UK is already using HVO, the introduction of HVO at DB Cargo is currently being reviewed for the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. A comprehensive operational test in the Netherlands was started in June 2023. So far, 80% of DB Cargo locomotives in Europe have been approved for operation with HVO. By the end of 2023, all locomotives should be able to operate without restrictions on HVO.
  • Driver assistance system LEADER 3.0: LEADER is installed at DB Cargo in Germany on more than 650 e-locomotives (equivalent to around two-thirds of the e-locomotive fleet). With LEADER, traction unit drivers are supported via an additional display with driving recommendations for energy-saving runs. In 2023, the internationalization and use of LEADER on diesel locomotives begins. In addition, the existing system will be further developed for the creation of network capacities.
  • Green steel production: Together with the steel and technology group voestalpine, DB Cargo is increasingly focusing on a circular economy. By means of rail shuttle services between large automobile plants, the use of new lightweight freight cars and the large-scale reuse of high-quality industrial scrap, they contribute to the resource-conserving and energy-efficient production of high-quality steel. Shuttle services such as the Bayern-­Shuttle are climate-neutral thanks to the use of eco-power. The existing logistics partnership has been sealed for a further two years.
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