Resource conservation

Resource conservation

Track infrastructure is very resource-intensive. For us, this means using raw materials carefully, keeping them in the value chain for as long as possible and recycling our waste whenever possible. We aim to achieve a complete circular economy across DB Group by 2040, with a particular focus on the Integrated Rail System. We are concentrating especially on the increased use of recycled materials and renewable raw materials. Our procured products should also have maximum recyclability. To this end, by 2030, we will significantly increase the recycling percentage of the products we procure compared to 2019. We set targets for our central resources (track ballast, concrete ties and rail steel), which represent around 80% of the total material used in the Integrated Rail System:

By 2030, we want to achieve a recycling percentage of 45% for rail steel, 40% for track ballast and 30% for concrete ties.

In addition, we will maintain our recycling rate for all waste at a high level of at least 95%n.

Another important contribution is 3D printing on three levels: we avoid superfluous stock; only the material that is actually needed is used in production; and we extend the life cycle of the vehicles by printing components that are no longer available from the manufacturer.


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The forecasts for the recycling rate figures remain unchanged.

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