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The procurement volume corresponds to the contractual obligations that DB Group has entered into vis-à-vis suppliers. On subsequent realization, these become capital expenditures or expenses (mainly cost of materials and other operating expenses). Total procurement volume in the first half of 2023 (excluding DB Arriva) amounted to € 20.9 bil­lion (in the first half of 2022: € 23.5 billion):

  • Freight and freight-forwarding services fell significantly to € 6.0 billion (in the first half of 2022: € 9.6 billion) due to lower freight rate levels and volume declines.
  • Industrial products fell to € 4.1 billion (in the first half of 2022: € 5.0 billion).
  • In construction and engineering services, the purchasing volume increased to € 4.6 billion (in the first half of 2022: € 3.8 billion) due to increasing capital expenditures on infrastructure, including reconstruction of the Ahrtalbahn.
  • Third-party services rose to € 4.4 billion (in the first half of 2022: € 3.7 billion) due to digitalization projects and maintenance/revision of high-speed trains.
  • Cable- and pipe-bound power and fuel increased to € 1.8 billion (in the first half of 2022: € 1.4 billion).
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