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DB Vehicle Maintenance

DB Vehicle Maintenance specializes in the field of heavy, safety-relevant maintenance and repair of rolling stock and their components. The aim is to increase the availability of vehicle fleets and to ensure greater safety on the rail.

  • Fit for the mobility transition: We are expanding the maintenance depot in Neumünster and are investing around € 320 million. The expansion is necessary in order to be able to service and repair the new ICE L trains there in the future.
  • In 3D printing, the leader in the railway industry: DB Group reached the level of 100,000 spare parts, which were produced using 3D printing technology. The 100,000th part is a gear housing for shunting locomotives. With a volume of just under 1 m³ and a weight of 570 kg, it is also the largest and heaviest 3D printed part used by DB Group.
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