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DB Bahnbau

DB Bahnbau is the complete service provider for the planning, construction and maintenance of infrastructure facilities, in particular railway infrastructure, including the provision of railway transport services.

  • Expansion line 46/2 (Emmerich — Oberhausen): The Emmerich — Oberhausen line is an important segment ­of European freight transport. Over a length of around 73 km, it is an important part of the freight transport corridor from Rotterdam to Genoa. DB Bahnbau takes over the technical management within a working group on behalf of DB Netz AG on a section between Dinslaken and Voerde. The construction works include, for example, the construction of the third track on an 11 km line, as well as the construction of supporting structures, passages and around 23 km of noise protection walls.
  • Erdpool: Several million tons of earth and other excavations come together every year in Germany alone at major construction sites of DB Group. These are raw materials such as, among others, sand, gravel and clay, which have so far often been disposed of as waste in landfills. With the Erdpool project, DB Group is now marketing the proportion of reusable raw materials. Around 15 to 20% of the excavation can be marketed across all Erdpool projects. More than 150 customers count among its customer base. With Erdpool, DB Group brings raw materials into the economic cycle and thus contributes to conserving resources. In addition, DB Group saves on expensive disposal fees.
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