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Modernization, commissioning and construction of stations

  • Dortmund central station: Work on the modernization of the central station with its eight platforms is expected to run until the first quarter of 2025. The entire station has been fully accessible since May 2023, with the commissioning of platform 4 and the elevator there. Work is currently underway on the sixth platform, which is scheduled to be put back into operation in December 2023.
  • Berlin Ostbahnhof (East Station): Construction work on the hall roof is progressing. In May 2021, scaffolding platforms were set up to renovate the entire roof membrane, install new skylights and renew the corrosion protection on all of the roof girders. As of August 2023, the first partial shift of the scaffolding platforms is expected to make around one-third of the hall roof, in its new condition, visible to customers. The measures are expected to be completed by the end of 2024. The construction aid will be subsequently dismantled in 2025.
  • Duisburg central station: Work has been underway since mid-2022 to renovate all platforms and to build the new hall roof. In mid-July 2023, the first of the six platforms, including its new hall roof, was approved for service again after the reconstruction. With the closure of the relevant tracks, the reconstruction of platform 5 will continue, which is to be completed by mid-2024. According to current planning, the entire project, which will also see a large proportion of the overhead wire around the central station renewed, will run until 2028.
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