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The DB E.C.O. Group offers DB Group’s engineering, consulting and operations know-how from a single source. These include DB Engineering&Consulting (DB E&C)DB International Operations (DB IO)infraViewESE and inno2grid.

DB Engineering&Consulting (DB E&C)

  • DB E&C and Systra will lead an international joint venture for the planning and construction of line 1 of Belgrade Metro in Serbia. The objective of the first metro project in the Western Balkans is to improve mobility, reduce CO₂ emissions and create an integrated public transport system. The nine-year project will be implemented in two phases, with completion planned for 2030. DB E&C will take over project management and technical supervision.

DB International Operations (DB IO)

  • DB IO has received a major contract in India for the operation and maintenance of the first national high-performance transport project between Delhi, Ghaziabad and Meerut. The order volume is in the three-digit million euro range. Once fully commissioned, the system is expected to carry up to 800,000 passengers a day. To prepare for the operation of the first section, DB IO mobilized experts from various areas of DB Group and set up a local organization with 300 employees in divisions such as operations, maintenance, personnel, finance, procurement and IT. The commercial operation under the name RAPIDX will commence in the second half of 2023 on the first 17.5 km of the 82 km line.


  • infraView has been supporting DB Long-Distance in semi-­automated maintenance through artificial intelligence since 2023. The E-Check project is intended to automate routine activities in the maintenance of ICE trains. The ICE series 3 and 4 are now followed by the ICE 1, 2 and T.
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