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  • More information about train journeys: Since June 7, 2023, all interested sales partners have been provided with the predicted arrival and departure times of their ICE and IC trains. This includes live operational reports such as track changes at the station or information in the event of severe weather restrictions. This data is provided via an interface and can be used by sales partners for presenting their own information. The innovation is part of a Europe-wide package to improve the rights of rail passengers, and is being rolled out within the framework of existing sales cooperations.
  • DB Navigator is being overhauled: From November 2023, DB Navigator will be equipped with numerous improved functions. This will make passenger information even easier to access and more intuitive. In recent years, DB Group has invested a three-digit million-euro sum in its sales systems for more digital services. Since 2009, the DB Navigator app has been the digital everyday com­panion for long-distance and local transport, simplifying everyday travel with real-time information and ticket booking. The Next DB Navigator app provides an insight into the digital future of travel from November 2023. The app already has most of the functions and offers of the overhauled DB Navigator and is constantly being expanded. Customers are able to test the Next DB Navigator app and give feedback on it.
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