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  • In April 2023, DB Arriva in Italy introduced 20 new CNG (compressed natural gas) buses for inter-urban transport in Brescia. In May 2023, six new all-electric buses were introduced for urban transport in the city of Cremona. Five more electric buses will be added to the fleet by the end of 2023. The urban fleet of 30 vehicles in Cremona is expected to be fully electrified by 2026.
  • DB Arriva has put the first 100% electrically powered bus fleet into operation in Madrid and has set up a new charging center. With the addition of 15 electric vehicles, DB Arriva makes Alcorcón the first city in the greater Madrid area to benefit from fully electrified city bus lines. This was made possible by the opening of the new Madrid depot in 2022, which is equipped with the latest charging systems for electric vehicles.
  • In Slovakia, DB Arriva has participated in the operational testing of a hydrogen-powered bus in the city of Trnava. Further cooperations for the use of hydrogen-powered buses are planned with the regional authorities.
  • In Slovenia, DB Arriva has put four electric buses into operation in the urban transport network of Kranj. By the end of 2023, four additional electric buses are to be added to the fleet.
  • UK Bus plans to add 50 new electric buses to London’s double-deck fleet in 2023. The new buses will bear the iconic London bus livery and will be coming into service between May and September 2023.
  • In February 2023, DB Arriva received approval in the Netherlands for bus and train operation in Twente-ZHO. From December 2023, DB Arriva will operate bus and rail transport in this region for four years (with an option to extend by another year). DB Arriva will use over 100 brand-new emissions-free buses and about nine trains from the existing fleet.
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