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The OPEX (operational excellence) program was launched with the aim of sustainably changing DB Group’s performance culture. Since the beginning of 2020, a further 12 maintenance sites have embarked on the OPEX transformation in the sixth and final wave (with a total of about 100 maintenance sites).

Work on the transition from OPEX to DB Excellence is currently underway, as OPEX will gradually transition to DB Excellence after the end of the sixth wave and continue in this format. The DB Excellence system provides a Group-­­wide set of methods and tools for process improvement. It applies to both production and administrative processes as well as planning processes. The DB Excellence system aims to establish uniform standards throughout the Group, reduce losses at interfaces and improve the performance of DB Group.

Since April 2020, the Lean Excellence Basecamps (in­formation and exchange platform) have been extended to all other management levels and continued online. Other training formats have been introduced, such as the Lean Excellence Micro Sessions. Any employees who are interested in lean excellence and want to initiate improvements in their own area can participate.

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