Development of business units

Environmental measures

  • Since January 2020, regional trains in Baden-­­Württemberg have for the first time been operating along six routes using 100% green energy. Rail transport on these routes requires about 125 gigawatt-­­hours (GWh) per year. This corresponds to the consumption of about 40,000 two-­person households.
  • About 850 rail vehicles have been equipped with telematics systems that measure fuel consumption and make driving recommendations for the driver. Indications of significant energy savings have already been seen during initial test drives. After the system has been completely rolled out, energy-­­efficient driving should save about 30,000 t CO₂e annually.
  • Since 2013, long-­­distance customers have been traveling on 100% green energy. This has also applied to domestic local transport since January 2020. All indirect greenhouse gas emissions are offset by service provider Atmosfair as part of the customer program.

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