Development of business units

Digitalization and innovation

Passenger Information of the Future

Passenger Information of the Future is the largest software development project to date of DB Netze Stations. In the first half of 2020, 130 stations in Saxony, Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Baden-­­Württemberg were switched to the new passenger information system. A large S-­­Bahn (metro) system is also being switched with the Stuttgart S-­­Bahn (metro).

Smart cities

  • Various usage concepts will be tested at the Berlin-­­Char­lottenburg S-­­Bahn (metro) station and at the Cologne-Mülheim station until October 2020. In July 2020, an open-­­air neighborhood movie theater started at the Charlotten­burg station, and the station forecourt was redesigned. New furniture and planting concepts were developed at the Cologne-­­Mülheim station as a pilot project. In addition, events are being held there to test improvements in the quality to stay with a view to ensuring sustainable urban development. Further development of the con­cepts is also taking place at other stations (Damm­tor and Harburg in Hamburg).
  • In February 2020, Smart City launched a pilot project with its range of coworking services under the everyworks brand at Münster’s future train station. Until mid-­­March 2020, a pop-­­up had been open there to test the service free of charge. Office workstations can already be rented in the first co­­working space at Berlin’s central station, and further offers for passengers will follow shortly. The long-­­term plan is to establish a network of central and mobile workplaces at train stations all across Germany.

New services at future stations

Since the first half of 2020, customers have been able to test numerous new products and services along the travel chain through the station at a total of 16 future stations. A partic­u­lar focus is on increasing the quality to stay, for example with new facades, recreational facilities and waiting room furniture as well as new consumer offers, such as food trucks. In addition, new signposting and navigation systems were developed on the basis of color codes, symbols and pictograms. For onward travel, e-­­scooter parking spaces have been created or charging options for pedelecs have been installed.

Hamburg Box started

At the beginning of March 2020 the piloting of intelligent, cross-­­vendor locker systems in the Hamburg city area called Hamburg Box started. It is a joint project with ParcelLock and the Hamburger Hochbahn, as well as the Hermes and DPD parcel services, and enables a time-­­saving and convenient receipt of goods and products directly at the station. Stationary dealers and e-­­commerce partners can deliver their goods to an open and therefore multi-­­vendor collection station.

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