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Events in the first half of 2020

DB Engineering & Consulting

  • In the first half of 2020, the last of 28,000 “smart” switches were connected to the DIANA digital platform. Sensors now monitor round-­­the-­­clock whether the switch drive is working properly. If a fault occurs, DIANA automatically reports it to the maintenance personnel. This represents a milestone for predictive maintenance. DIANA was developed by the IT service provider infraView, which is part of DB E&C. A new digital sensor for current and voltage measurement that in future will enable even more extensive and precise diagnostics is currently in the final test phase. In March 2020, the DIANA Wayside Monitoring Hub for DB Netze Track was also commissioned, which combines all the results of the “train check in passing.”
  • Since April 2020, DB Group has been renewing the Mannheim — Stuttgart high-­­speed rail line, focusing on tracks, switches and technology. DB E&C’s expertise was in demand when planning this major project, long before the start of the construction work. The impact on train traffic was kept to a minimum during the planning phase by using innovative technology and virtual route inspections. During the construction phase, DB E&C is involved in monitoring welding.
  • The DB Rail Academy ensures that customers do not have to forgo the expertise of DB Group in Covid-19 times: since May 2020, DB experts have been offering compact online training courses on current topics and innovative products. These free nuggets of learning serve to create customer loyalty and attract new customers, and are being very well received: 800 participants from more than 50 countries signed up in the initial phase alone.
  • DB E&C was commissioned by the British rail infrastructure company Network Rail to complete a batch of work from the broad-­­based Design Services Framework program. The program started in January 2020. In May, DB E&C was also commissioned with the OLE Structural Assessment project: the locations for masts for the overhead line sys­tem are planned in accordance with German guidelines and compared with British standards so as to identify po­­ten­tial for optimization for Network Rail where appropriate.

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