Development of business units

Development in the first half of 2020

  • Personnel expenses increased as a result of effects from the collective agreement and the increased number of employees.

  • Group projects driven forward.









Total revenues (€ million)



+ 90

+ 3.8

External revenues (€ million)



– 52

– 18.6

EBITDA adjusted (€ million)

– 151

– 119

– 32

+ 26.9

EBIT adjusted (€ million)

– 455

– 366

– 89

+ 24.3

Gross capital expenditures (€ million)



– 35

– 11.0

Net capital expenditures (€ million)



– 35

– 11.0


Employees as of Jun 30 (FTE)



+ 1,809

+ 3.3

The area Subsidiaries/other encompasses the governance functions (such as corporate development, finance and treasury, and Human Resources) and the dependent administrative service units (such as Shared Service Center accounting and HR Services) of the holding company DB AG. In addition, this area bundles the legally independent administrative service units within DB Group (such as DB Zeitarbeit GmbH (temporary work) and DB JobService GmbH) as well as the independent operating service units (such as DB Fahrzeug­instandhaltung GmbH (vehicle maintenance) and DB Systel GmbH), which provide services for several DB Group business units.

The increase in total revenues was mainly due to higher revenues with intra-­­Group customers of Global Operational Services (independent operating service units such as DB Vehicle Maintenance and DB Systel) related to changes in prices and volumes. Among others, declines caused by Covid-19, particularly at DB Sales, had a dampening effect. External revenues declined significantly due to Covid-19.

The considerable decline in operating profit was mainly due to effects caused by the collective agreements, an increase in the number of employees as well as Covid-19-­­related effects at DB Sales and DB Connect. This decline was partially compensated for by countermeasures.

The drop in capital expenditure activities was mainly due to lower demand for vehicles, vending machines and mobile terminals.

The number of employees increased primarily as a result of the development of business at DB Vehicle Maintenance, DB Systel, DB Services and DB E&C, as well as due to the expan­­sion in personnel in the digitalization and technical areas.

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