Agreement with the Federal Government on dealing with the impact of Covid-19

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) has agreed with its owner, the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Government), a joint approach on dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Group). DB Group will compensate for half of the impact on the integrated rail system by means of countermeasures (in particular, savings with respect to personnel expenses and costs of materials). The Federal Government will compensate for 80% of the remaining negative impact (after the implementation of countermeasures) by means of an equity measure. Up to € 5 billion is included in the Federal budget for 2020, of which € 0.5 billion is subject to the approval of the Federal Budget Committee. DB Regional will receive funding from the industry solution for net contracts in regional rail transport, as part of the economic stimulus package of the Federal Govern­ment. The payments are still subject to consultation with the European Commission under state aid law.

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