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Women in leadership positions

We want to significantly increase the number of women in leadership positions and have set a 30% target for leadership positions: over the next four years, we are aiming to increase the share of women in management from the current 20% to 30%. The aim is to further advance the equal participation of women and men.

The Management Board has decided on an extensive package of measures to ensure the implementation. This includes the introduction of a veto right on top management appointments. This comes into play if a suitable female candidate is not considered when filling a management position. In addition, the new target will be anchored in the agreed targets for managers in the future. The new targets relate to all 4,000 DB Group senior executives and concern the executive management of the 33 co­­determined Group companies and the two management levels below. DB Group is thus in compliance with the legal requirements and at the same time meets the demands of the top female DB managers and the Women at DB Network. In the long term, DB Group is aiming to achieve a figure that enables truly equal participation. DB Group is also striving to further increase the share of women in the workforce as a whole. As of June 30, 2020, 49,946 of the 214,735 DB employees in Germany are women. This corre­­sponds to 23.3%. In this context, we celebrated the longest International Women’s Day under the motto #wearein on March 8, 2020. One of the highlights was the artistic illumination of Berlin’s central station from March 7 until March 9, 2020. The 3D light show included the many faces of DB employees, providing an insight into the diverse DB working environment.

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