Strong Rail

Implementation of the Strong Rail strategy

Under our Strong Rail umbrella strategy, we have acknowledged our social responsibility and defined our contribution to the transport and climate policy goals of the Federal Govern­ment. The guiding principle behind the Strong Rail strategy is the shift in the mode of transport towards rail with the aim of a sustainable change in climate and mobility policy. We have formulated this claim in the form of our inner am­­bition: “Germany needs a strong rail system. For the climate. For people. For the economy. For Europe.”

The rail industry already received a huge boost last year as part of the political decisions, including the Climate Action Program 2030, the Rail Future Alliance and the Master Plan for Rail Freight Transport. In the first half of 2020, specific signals such as our owner’s decision of an equity measure, confirm that we are on the right track with our chosen course and will continue to receive political support. The successes at the start of 2020 show that we are on the right track. Last but not least, events during the Covid-19 pandemic show that we are setting the right priorities with the strategic areas MORE ROBUSTMORE POWERFUL and MORE MODERN.

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