Strong Rail

Strategic area: MORE MODERN

With the strategic area MORE MODERN, we are meeting the needs of our customers for more modern and attractive products and services. Even during the Covid-19 restrictions, despite a sharp decline in capacity utilization, we have maintained as many of our passenger transport and freight transport services as possible in order to ensure the mobility of people and the basic logistical supplies to industry and the population. In addition, we have used digital services such as video travel centers, the utilization display in the DB Navigator or contactless payment to quickly increase the security and service level for our customers. We also continue to work on becoming faster, broader, more versatile and more intermodal for our customers.

In the area of new mobility, we have continued to focus our activities on the Strong Rail strategy. We are convinced that new forms of mobility, similar to conventional mass transport as part of public transport in the form of integrated public transport services, provide meaningful added value for customers, society and climate protection. As a complementary offer to rail, new forms of mobility, such as sharing and pooling, create a convenient and climate-­­friendly al­ter­native to motorized individual transport and provide incentives forgoing one’s own car. New forms of mobility are therefore revealing their potential for greater climate protection and the shift in the mode of transport to rail.

In our opinion, a range of new forms of mobility must be supported by the public sector in order to ensure meaningful development across the board. In the future, we will therefore be offering tailor-­­made, holistic mobility solutions for customers, cities and municipalities. Together with the public sector, we intend to extend rail to the doors of homes in a climate-­­friendly way and also take mobility to places where the use of conventional mean of transport carriers would otherwise be extremely costly.

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