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Strong rail

Implementation of the Strong Rail strategy

Under our Strong Rail umbrella strategy, we have acknowledged our social responsibility and defined our contribution to the transport and climate policy goals of the Federal Govern­ment. The guiding principle behind the Strong Rail strategy is the shift in the mode of transport towards rail with the aim of a sustainable change in climate and mobility policy. We have formulated this claim in the form of our inner am­­bition: “Germany needs a strong rail system. For the climate. For people. For the economy. For Europe.”

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Four new employee building blocks

With 15 employee building blocks, we are involving our employees in the implementation of the strategy. The objective is to develop additional building blocks that reflect the central concerns of employees and support the implemen­tation of the Strong Rail strategy. These building blocks are created in what are referred to as Expansion Workshops. The first of these workshops was held in autumn 2019. The result was the building block safe travel. We started implementing the building block in January 2020.

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To building block safe travel

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