Notes to the consolidated interim financial statements

Major events after the balance sheet date

Bond issues

After June 30, 2021, the following senior bonds were issued by DB Finance:

Volume of issue

Term (years

Coupon  (%)


€ 1 billion



Institutional investors

mainly in Europe

NOK 2 billion

(about € 196 million)



Private placement

Rail services and infrastructure affected by flooding

Starting July 14, 2021, the storm Bernd caused devastating damage to our infrastructure particularly in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland-­Palatinate due to persistent and heavy rain, resulting in far-reaching consequences for rail operations. Tracks, switches, signaling, bridges, stations, interlockings and vehicles suffered severe damage. Several main and secondary lines were no longer serviceable, and some are still not serviceable. Major routes resumed service a few days after the extreme weather. However, some S-Bahn (metro) and regional services are expected to have to cope with lengthy restrictions on some lines as a result of extensive repair and reconstruction measures. The storm also caused considerable damage and problems for rail operations in Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. It is not possible at present to make a reliable estimate of the resultant ­financial impact on DB Group. Discussions with the Federal Government have started with regard to the financing of the damage repair measures.

Berlin, July 21, 2021

Deutsche Bahn Aktiengesellschaft
The Management Board


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