Green Transformation

The impact of climate change affects us all. At DB Group, not only do we see its effect on our core business but also our customers, too. German and European climate targets can only be achieved through a major shift in the mode of transport to environmentally friendly rail. As one of Europeʼs largest transport infrastructure operators, we take responsibility for the environment. That is why we have embedded the DB Group’s Green Transformation approach in our Strong Rail strategy µ8. It is our holistic approach to shaping a planet worth living on, in the here and now and for future generations.

This means our responsibilities toward society and the environment go hand in hand. Only by considering both people and the planet in our decision-making can we achieve the overarching targets of the Strong Rail strategy: for the climate, for people, for the economy, and for Europe. In order to drive the Green Transformation forward, we are focusing our efforts on topics that are important to us and our stakeholders. We have defined five areas of action for this: climate protection, nature conservation, resource conservation, noise remediation and social responsibility.

Strong Rail

Green Transformation

Within the framework of the building block Environment and 100% green electricity, we have set ourselves the goal of pushing forward the Green Transformation in climate protection, conservation of resources, noise remediation and nature conservation. In the first half of 2021, for example, we concluded more contracts for the supply of renewable energy, including wind powerno. 47. In addition, we have set ourselves the new goal of making DB Group climate-neutral as early as 2040. In doing so, we are making a major contribution to the adjusted climate targets of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU, which so urgently need to be achieved.

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