Development of business units

Development of the infrastructure

Federal Government economic stimulus program for attractive stations

As part of an economic stimulus/trade program, in 2020 the Federal Government made an additional € 40 million available to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises while also increasing the attractiveness of stations. The funds were used for about 1,120 measures nationwide. The program will be continued in 2021 with a volume of € 120 million. The number of measures is also being further increased, with about 2,000 measures planned for implementation at about 1,000 stations.

Capacity and frequency recording

Capacity management is becoming significantly more important, which is why we have set up a project to this end. To enable the anticipated growth in passenger numbers, operational and structural measures must be taken to ensure the performance capability of capacity-critical stations. Germany in sync is contributing significantly to the passenger forecast for 2040, which forms a basis for the capacity categorization of stations. To this end, the first step is to create transparency about potential bottlenecks and their causes at about 100 selected stations by means of a structured “capacity check,” from which short-, medium- and long-term measures to ensure performance will be derived. Video-based frequency management will be introduced for 15 stations in 2021. This will generate real-time data for the capacity assessment of the stations and allow passenger flows to be managed directly.

Modernization, commissioning and construction of stations

  • After completion of the modernization work, which is expected in 2024, Dortmund central station will be fully accessible and will enable barrier-free networking of all modes of transport. In early July 2021, the third of the eight platforms to be modernized went back into operation after one year of construction work.
  • From summer 2022, all platforms, platform roofs and some bridge structures above the level of the passenger tunnel will be gradually renewed at the Hanover central station. Construction work for the first construction phase is currently in the tender phase and the contract is expected to be awarded in the third quarter of 2021. Because the construction work needs to be concentrated solely over the summer holiday period, the modernization of the station is expected to be completed in 2032.
  • The entire roof is being renewed at the Ostbahnhof in Berlin. Working and safety platforms are currently being constructed and the tension straps are being renewed in order to meet the requirements for the complete renewal, the installation of new skylights and the replacement of corrosion protection. Train services will also largely be able to continue during the work. The renewal measures will be completed by 2024.
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