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General framework

BNetzA approves train-path prices for 2021 and 2022

As a result of changes in the Regionalization Act (Regionalisierungsgesetz; RegG) and the Railway Regulation Act (Eisenbahnregulierungsgesetz; ERegG), two fee approval procedures were needed for the 2021 train-path pricing system (TPS). The final fee increases approved by BNetzA are 2.4% in long-distance passenger rail transport and rail freight transport and 1.8% in regional rail passenger transport. In the decision dated March 5, 2021, BNetzA also approved the fees for the TPS 2022. Train-path usage fees will increase by 3.8% for long-distance passenger rail transport, 0.5% for rail freight transport and 1.8% for regional rail passenger transport. Within the fee application, a fee increase of 4.6% was planned for the long-distance passenger rail transport compared with the 2021 schedule year and a reduction in fees of 0.6% for rail freight transport. Deviating from the application, BNetzA assumed a higher capacity of rail freight transport and adjusted a significant input parameter accordingly.

BNetzA sets maximum limits on total costs for the working schedule period of 2021/2022

For the 2021/2022 working schedule period, BNetzA set the upper limit for total costs at about € 5.5 billion in its decision of July 6, 2020. No decision has yet been taken by BNetzA for the 2022/2023 working schedule period.

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