Development of business units

Environmental measures

  • In the first half of 2021, Udine was the first Italian city to introduce five natural gas vehicles on its suburb lines, with capital expenditures of about € 1.3 million financed by DB Arriva.
  • DB Arriva placed its first order in the Netherlands with Solaris in February 2021 for ten new hydrogen buses. The buses are to replace diesel vehicles in regional transport in the Achterhoek region. Capital expenditures of € 6.4 million is supported by the province of Gelderland and the EU. It is expected that the buses will be delivered in December 2021 and will enter service in early 2022.
  • In April 2021, DB Arriva rolled out 18 new WINK trains in the Netherlands, offering passengers in the provinces of Groningen and Fryslân a more comfortable and environmentally friendly journey. The newly designed articulated rail car (Gelenktriebwagen; GTW) trains not only have a modern appearance, but have also been fitted with batte-ries that can store the trains’ braking energy, making them quieter at the station. Storing the braking energy means the train does not have to idle when at a standstill to keep its systems, including lighting and air-conditioning, working, and this reduces its environmental impact
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