Development of business units

Digitalization and innovation

  • DB Schenker uses its own IT innovations to achieve greater efficiency and less empty space in all modes of transport. With the new BinPACKER algorithm, the loading planning process is managed in such a way that objects of different sizes are stacked in a smarter manner. Mathematical algorithms are used to calculate the best loading solution for truck loads or pallets in the warehouse, for example. Pilot tests on container and truck loading have shown that BinPACKER helps to increase capacity utilization by up to 10%.
  • By using the network-based platform Microsoft Azure, DB Schenker is making logistics smarter and supply chains more efficient. In the future, cloud-based services will ­be connected to real logistics solutions. DB Schenker has already launched the first cloud projects of the Azure migration program in several countries. The goal is to optimize volume, capacity and supply chain performance almost in real time using new big data solutions.
  • DB Schenker owns part of the Croatian start-up Gideon Brothers, which specializes in robotics and AI solutions in warehouse logistics. As one of the investors, DB Schenker is in the Series A financing round, contributing a total of USD 31 million, which will be used to drive the development and marketing of the AI- and 3D-vision-based autonomous mobile robots (AMR). The technology has already been implemented in DB Schenker’s warehouse in Leipzig.
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