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  • Against the backdrop of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, DB Schenker has expanded its global network of air freight connections to counter the ongoing shortage of freight capacity. The first line covering three continents commenced at Munich Airport in January 2021. DB Schenker’s 43 flights can carry as much freight as 135 passenger aircraft. The first new connection runs from Chicago via Munich to Tokyo and Seoul, before returning to Germany and then heading to the USA. Every week, 400 t of freight are transported.
  • DB Schenker relies on a partnership with SkyCell to use special containers for vaccines. The hybrid pharmaceutical containers are able to maintain an internal temperature of –80° C to –15° C for at least five days and temperatures from +2° C to +8° C and +15° C to +25° C for more than eight days. With this partnership, DB Schenker is expanding its existing portfolio of logistics services in the healthcare sector.
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