DB Groupʼs popularity among skilled employees is on the rise

The independent consulting and market research company Trendence Institute selects the most popular employers each year with the “Trendence Skilled Workers Barometer.” Compared with the previous year, we were able to improve in non-academic professions by a total of 15 places and rose from 22nd place to seventh place. The survey among academics resulted in a significant leap from 55 th place to 9 th place. These were the best results to date, both in the target group of non-academics and among academics. DB Group was among the top 10 most popular employers in the rankings for the first time. For DB Group, this high ranking is a strong signal, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is only through a high level of employer attractiveness that we can meet the high needs for personnel to fill open positions despite the tense situation on the labor market and thus achieve DB Group’s business goals.

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