24/7 threat management

Through our threat management system (2020 Integrated ­Report) more than 30 cases were registered in the first half of 2021 and those affected or reporting them were supported.

Attacks on employees

The enforcement of the Covid-19-related code of conduct has led to a persistently high potential for conflicts for employees in contact with customers. The slowly increasing number of passengers in the second quarter of 2021 once again resulted in a shift of focus and required the adjustment of security concepts. Our employees were attacked 1,211 times nationwide in the first half of 2021 (including threats and attempts). Just under 10% of cases were related to the enforcement of social distancing and hygiene rules. The most frequently affect­ed professions are the train conductors at a rate of 46% and security and law enforcement at 42%.

Safe travel building block

As part of the implementation of the Strong Rail strategy, important issues are addressed from the employeeʼs point of view in the employee building blocks.

With the employee building block “Safe travel,” our employees have specified safety as a central area of action for DB Group. Measures are being implemented to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

  • We have responded to the initial results of the standardized safety survey introduced in autumn 2020 as part of the passenger information system (Reisenden-Informations-Systems; RIS) for customer service representatives in local transport by commissioning additional safety patrols on particularly busy trains.
  • There have also been more security personnel on DB Long-­Distance trains since the beginning of the year. Their tasks are to monitor and enforce hygiene and distancing rules and to improve the subjective and objective safety of passengers.
  • Since May 2021, we have been raising awareness of the safety of employees and the entire workforce with a multimedia campaign under the motto “Safety is everybodyʼs business.”
  • From 2023, the development of a new IT platform should enable us to learn more quickly about dangerous situations, to respond without delay and to organize even more targeted help.

Further information on the topic of customer safety.

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