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Procurement volume

The procurement volume corresponds to the contractual obligations to suppliers that DB Group has entered into. On subsequent realization these become capital expenditure or expenses (mainly cost of materials and other operating expenses). The total procurement volume amounted to € 20.4 billion (in the first half of 2021: € 16.5 billion).

  • Freight and freight forwarding services were roughly ­unchanged at € 5.5 billion (in the first half of 2021: € 5.4 billion).
  • Industrial products increased significantly to € 5.2 billion (in the first half of 2021: € 3.0 billion), mainly as a result of the second call for ICE 3neo vehicles.
  • In construction and engineering services, the purchasing volume increased slightly to € 3.8 billion (in the first half of 2021: € 3.6 billion). This was due to the rising cost of materials.
  • Third-party services rose to € 4.3 billion (in the first half of 2021: € 3.1 billion). The growth was mainly due to the business development at DB Schenker.
  • Cable- and pipe-bound power and fuel rose to € 1.6 billion, due among other things to higher energy prices (in the first half of 2021: € 1.4 billion).
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