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  • Energy markets experienced very high price increases in the first half of 2022.
  • In addition to the competence to recognize testing experts, which has been transferred to the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt; EBA) since the beginning of 2021, the option has been created for companies with testing organizations to have their testing organization recognized by the EBA according to specified criteria as a testing body for the testing experts used in their own company, whereby some of the tasks and competencies are transferred back to the company. Through such a test center, the preparation for testing expert recognition can be more closely geared toward the needs of the company. In addition, the lead role in the testing expert recognition discussions and monitoring will be transferred from the EBA to the test center. For the aforementioned reasons, DB Energie GmbH has prepared the recognition of its testing organization as a testing body for the field of electrical engineering and has received confirmation from the EBA with its ruling of March 23, 2022 that all the relevant requirements for recognition as a testing center have been met.
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