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Preparation of the 2021/2022 schedule

Approximately 85,000 train-path offers were sent to the parties with access rights for the 2022 network schedule. There was an increased number of registration conflicts, the result of several train operating companies ordering the same time slot on the same infrastructure. Of the 130 conflicts, 50% were amicably resolved with the affected parties with access rights. All the remaining conflicts were decided in a dispute resolution procedure, with the amount of full-year train-path usage fees being the decisive factor for awarding the train path. The DB Netz AG therefore had to reject 59 train-path requests. The increase in train-path registrations by non-Group train operating companies in long-distance and freight transport in particular shows that competition and demand on the rail network continues to increase. The scheduling process is subject to a strict regulatory framework and is monitored by the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetz­agentur; BNetzA).

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