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Stuttgart 21 cost review

On March 18, 2022, the Supervisory Board of DB AG discussed the results of the schedule and cost review for the Stuttgart 21 project, which was conducted by experts. The background to the review, which began in late fall 2021, included in particular the drastically increasing prices for construction services and raw materials.

The commissioning date of Stuttgart 21 has been confirmed as part of the timetable change in December 2025. This will significantly increase capacity at the Stuttgart hub and halve the travel time from Stuttgart to Ulm compared with today. As early as December 2022, travel times on long-­distance services will be accelerated by up to 15 minutes in the first stage when the high-speed line between Wendlingen and Ulm goes into operation.

The total scope of Stuttgart 21 has increased by € 950 million to € 9.15 billion. The previous total cost framework of € 8.2 billion was determined by the Supervisory Board in
January 2018. The reasons for the current development are, on the one hand, significant price increases at construction companies, suppliers and for raw materials, while the geologically demanding underground in the urban area has led to higher costs. In addition to the new total amount of € 9.15 billion, the Supervisory Board resolved to establish an additional provision of € 640 million to cover further risks and forecast uncertainties.

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