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Development of business units

DB E.C.O. Group

The DB E.C.O. Group acts as a single-source partner, offering DB Group’s engineering, consulting and operations know-how to its customers. Its subsidiaries include DB Engineering&
­Consulting (DB E&C), Deutsche Bahn International Operations (DB IO), infraView and ESE.

DB Engineering & Consulting

  • DB E&C has been awarded the contract for the modernization of the Duisburg central station by a bidder consortium. The main construction work is expected to start at the end of 2022. DB E&C assumes technical leadership and supports all construction monitoring services alongside environmental and geological services.
  • The project of the Latvian Vangazi — Salaspils — Misa line entered the next phase. DB E&C plans include a combined road and rail bridge. There are only four bridges in the world in which tracks for high-speed rail lines and a highway are combined.
  • The BIM implementation is progressing at DB E&C. In 2022, BIM shall arrive on-site with the first projects.

Deutsche Bahn International Operations

  • As the leading partner of a joint venture, DB IO assumes planning and operation and maintenance of rail passenger transport in the metropolitan region of Toronto. The 450 km network line is to be fully modernized and expanded. This is a highly important local transport project in Canada with an operation and maintenance volume in the double-­digit billion range.
  • The consortium DBCC Transport, managed by DB IO, was commissioned with the operation of a freight transport line in Uruguay. This is part of a large state investment program concerning a new cellulose plant. The project is currently considered one of the most important economic programs in Uruguay.
  • DB IO was able to beat the competition to a multi-million euro order for India’s first high-performance transport project and take over the operation and maintenance of a regional high-speed rail system. The project will connect the metro­polises of Delhi, Ghaziabad and Meerut with an 82 km line. The volume of the contract, which will run for over 12 years, is in the triple-digit million euro range. The contract was signed at the start of July 2022.
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