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24/7 threat management

Through our threat management system (2021 Integrated Report) more than 30 cases were registered in the first six months of 2022 – about as many as in the first half of 2021 – and those affected or reporting them were given support. Support ranges from empathetic dialog to the provision of qualified psychological or medical assistance.

Attacks on employees

The implementation of the Covid-19-related code of conduct, in particular the obligation to wear a mask, leads to a persistently high potential for conflicts for employees in direct contact with customers. The sharp rise in passenger numbers since the spring of 2022, the return of soccer fan traffic and the 9-Euro-Ticket have once again resulted in a shift in focus and require the adaptation of security concepts. Our employees were attacked about 1,500 times nationwide in the first half of 2022; rising passenger numbers and the ongoing potential for conflict as a result of infec­­tion control and hygiene measures have caused an increase of around one-fifth. The most frequently affected professions are the train attendants and security personnel, each accounting for just under half of the cases.

Building block safe travel

With the Safe travel employee building block, our employees have specified safety as a central area of action for DB Group. In view of the continuously high number of attacks on employees, we are also taking further measures to ensure the safety of our employees. These include, for example:

  • The standardized safety survey within the framework of the Passenger Information System for customer service employees in local transport results in consolidated findings about regions and lines that lead to an above-average number of harmful events for employees. Targeted use of security services for such key areas will increase safety for both customers and employees.
  • The multimedia internal campaign “Safety is everybody’s business” continues to raise awareness for safety among the entire workforce.
  • From 2023, a new IT platform will enable you to record dangerous situations more quickly and comprehensively and to react with more specific measures. The first trial runs of the new app will begin in 2022.
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