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Green Transformation

Nature conservation

We consider protecting biodiversity to be an essential task and integrate it at every stage from planning and construction through to operating our facilities. In our activities, for example in the construction and expansion of the track infrastructure, wherever an intervention cannot be avoided adequate compensation areas are created to ensure we fulfill all of our legal obligations under nature protection law. In addition, we are converting as much of our land throughout Germany as possible into biotopesno. 38 so that Honey-Beesno. 10, bumblebees and butterfliesno. 85 can find food and a safe haven all year round. For example, we sow flowering meadowsno. 150, plant domestic shrubs and set up corners to allow wild beesno. 150 to create a nest. With the expansion of our services as part of the “Destination Nature”no. 37 cooperation, as with the new addition of the Schwäbische Alb (Swabian Alps) biosphere region as the 24th destination, we also make an important contribution to relieving the pressure on sensitive natural environments from car traffic. We also set ourselves ambitious targets on protecting biodiversity in our operations: we are planning to operate our rail transport glyphosate-free from 2023 onwards. To achieve this, we are developing the existing vegetation control measures for tracks into a sustainable vegetation management system.

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