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Green Transformation

Resource conservation

Circular economy principles frame our thinking about how we deploy, use and dispose of resources. Recycled materials are used and our material cycles are being optimized. Using our internal waste management system, we collect and dispose of almost every type of waste separately according to individual fractions. Our goal is to keep our waste recycling rate at over 95% overall. Particularly where construction waste is concerned, we achieve a very high recycling rate due to an extensive reuse of materials. For our other waste, such as municipal waste, we will increase the recycling rate over the next few years by developing an improved waste management system. In addition, we are reducing the use of raw materials for maintenance, including with the aid of the 3D printing processno. 149. Since the beginning of 2022, we have also been producing plastic replacement parts at the Neumünster facility using 3D printing. DB Schenker offers 3D printing as a solution for the production of replacement parts on-demand. This gives companies access to a global service ecosystem without needing additional capital expenditures or minimum order quantities. Replacement parts can be printed on-site and made available at any time and globally via a digital warehouse, taking the pressure off the warehouse and saving resources. Supply chains and thus processing times are shortened and enormous economic and ecological potential can be tapped into.

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