2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Events in the first half of 2018

Successful launch of business with private customers

After one year, DB Power – our eco-power product for pri­­vate households – already has more than 10,000 customers. As such, DB Netze Energy has closed the gap separating it from full-service provision. DB Power only supplies eco-power bearing the seal of quality of the ok-power label.

Charging at the station project

DB Netze Energy participated in the Charging at the station project under the BMVI’s Federal program on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Germany. Public quick-charging infrastructures with eco-power have been set up at Frankfurt am Main, Hanau, Regensburg and Düsseldorf stations. Thanks to participation in the roaming association, customers of other e-mobility providers can also use the charging infrastructure. With this project, DB Netze Energy is supporting the further development of the intermodal interface between road and rail.

Further development of the traction current network access model

Since 2014, DB Netze Energy has been operating a network access model offering traction current to all TOCs. In the first half of 2018, key steps were decided in ongoing talks with market players and the German Federal Network Agency to further develop the network access model and to simplify the process in important areas. A new discussion forum has been set up for this purpose – the Traction Current Grid Task Force. The development of market share shows that the network access model works: in 2017, some 70% of the final consumption of non-Group railways was provided by other suppliers.