2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Progress on the Stuttgart — Ulm project

Construction at Stuttgart central station continues to progress. Further reinforcement and concreting work on the floors and walls in some construction phases is underway. The west tunnel of the middle Filder tunnel has meanwhile been conventionally bored. At the northern end, breakthrough of the second Feuerbach tunnel has been completed. Tunnel boring at the northern end is complete, all relevant anhydrite lenses in Cannstatt and Feuerbach tunnels have been successfully dealt with. The fourth and last tunnel has successfully passed under the Neckar river. Following submission of an appeal to the Higher Adminis­trative Court, no further contracts will be awarded in the airport sector for plan approval section 1.3a despite possible immediate enforceability until a final judgment has been issued. About 41 km, representing more than two-thirds of the tunnels required for Stuttgart 21, have been drilled and excavated.

On the Wendlingen – Ulm new construction line, a stretch of over 47 km, or more than three-quarters of the tunnels, has already been bored and extracted. The tunnel borer has also drilled the second tunnel of the 8,806 m Bossler tunnel above Filstal. The two tunnel borers working on the Albvorland tunnel, which will be more than 8 km long, have already progressed more than 2 km. Restoration of the landscape along the line on the Alb plateau is under­­way. The work on constructing the advance scaffolding for the Filstal bridge has been completed.