2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Continuing growth in the German market

The overall market at the beginning of 2018 saw moderate but steady increase in volume sold at the level of the corresponding period in the previous year. The key developments were:

  • Continued increase in employment figures and disposable income with inflation rising slightly.
  • Moderate increase in volume sold of motorized individual transport despite rising fuel prices.
  • Development of domestic air transport significantly lower than in the previous year due to the Air Berlin insolvency.
  • Slight recovery of long-distance bus services after market consolidation in the previous year.
  • Moderately rising prices in motorized individual transport and long-distance bus services after a significant increase in 2017 and in the flight segment after a short-term in­­crease in prices due to the Air Berlin insolvency at the end of 2017 while rail prices remained relatively stable.