2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Events in the first half of 2018

Vehicle availability under stress

Vehicle availability was under stress during the first half of 2018. Single events (severe wildlife accidents, damaged rails), difficult weather conditions, the extensive refurbishment of the existing fleet and the complex phase-in of new ICE trains have led to a severe shortage of capacity and a decline in vehicle condition, which also had a negative im­­pact on punctuality.

The InterCity (IC) 2 is now a stable part of the long-dis­­tance fleet. Along with the routes 55 (Cologne – Dresden) and 56 (Norddeich – Leipzig), the route 87 from Stuttgart to Singen was put into operation in the 2018 schedule. Punctuality is just under 90%, well above the average for long-
distance transport.

Commissioning approval for the new wheel sets of the ICE T fleet was granted in October 2016. The refitting is expected to take until 2019 and was a prerequisite for the resumption of the tilting body system (tilting technology) of the ICE T fleet for the timetable change in December 2017.

The start of regular operation of the ICE 4, with nine trains now in commercial use (12-part multiple units) was largely stable. The critical performance of doors and transformers has improved compared to existing series, but is not yet at its target level.

Vehicle projects in long-distance transport

The redesign of ICE 3 has continued. Sixteen train sets had been overhauled and delivered by the end of the first half of 2018. The modernization has led to a significant reduction of material and energy consumption and is much more economical compared to new procurement.

Further improvements and expansion of Internet access and telephony

The integration of a WiFi system into the IC 2 fleet will begin in 2019. The preparation and testing of the variants were completed during the first half of 2018.

Other events

  • With the City Ticket, we have made traveling even easier: the journey to or from the station by subway, S-Bahn (metro), tram or bus will be included on all flex and saver fare tickets from August 1 in over 120 German cities.