2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Opportunity and risk report

Opportunity and risk report

Our business activities are associated with risks as well as opportunities. Our business policy therefore aims to take advantage of opportunities through our opportunity management system, while also actively managing those risks identified within the framework of our risk management system. There were no significant changes to DB Group’s risk management system in the first half of 2018. Nor were there any significant changes to DB Group’s major opportunities and risks.

The opportunities and risks analysis was performed compared to the updated anticipated development of DB Group in 2018.

Compared to the estimate in the 2017 Integrated Report, the total risk position has decreased by  0.2 billion to  0.2 billion as a result of risks being processed in the updated estimate. The risks in the EBIT forecast are mostly in the areas of procurement and energy markets in the amount of  0.1 billion (thereof very likely (vl):  0.0 billion), and production and technology and market and competition in the amount of  0.05 billion each (thereof very likely (vl):  0.0 billion).

Compared to the estimate in the 2017 Integrated Re­­port, the overall opportunity position is unchanged at  0.1 billion. Opportunities exist mostly in the areas of production and technology in the amount of  0.1 billion (thereof very likely (vl):  0.0 billion).

Overall, this results in a balanced profile of the very likely opportunities and risks for the 2018 financial year. In total, the likely risks outweigh the likely opportunities.

Our analyses of risks, countermeasures, hedging and precautionary measures, together with the opinion of the Group Management Board based on the current risk assessment and our mid-term planning, indicate that there are no risks that, individually or jointly, could have an impact on the net assets, financial or income situation of DB Group and would pose a threat to the Group as a going concern.