2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Passenger transport

Anticipated market development (%)


2018 (Mar

2018 (Jul

German passenger transport (based on pkm)




The data for 2017 is based on the information and estimates available as of July 2018. 
Expectations for 2018 are rounded aff to the nearest half percentage point.

Growth in volume sold in 2018 on the German passenger transport market is expected to be at the same level as the previous year. Rail passenger transport growth is stronger than the average, not least due to improved long-distance offers on the BerlinMunich line.

Demand is also expected to increase slightly in the European passenger transport market. With increases in employment figures and disposable incomes continuing, the general framework remains positive. As the year progresses, rising fuel prices and inflation could take some of the pace out of the market.

Across Europe, moderate growth in rail passenger transport is expected.