2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Focus on quality, operational and digital excellence in our core business

The development in product quality, particularly punctuality, was again not satisfactory among the transporters in the integrated rail system in the first half-year of 2018. We have therefore immediately started implementing additional actions from which we expect a direct effect on punctuality and customer satisfaction in 2018:

  • Under the punctuality management center, vehicle availability will be improved and anticipatory measures will be implemented at DB Long-Distance.
  • At DB Regional, task forces will focus on regional hot spots (such as the Munich S-Bahn (metro)).
  • In the production area, DB Netze Track is currently im­­plementing an emergency program focused on command and control technology for railroad crossings and the track. In addition, we are further optimizing our construction measures.
  • DB Netze Stations is implementing about 500 individual measures to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, 30 S-Bahn (metro) stations in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Berlin are being upgraded.
  • Across business units, we are promoting the imple­mentation and expansion of the PlanStart program and continuing to work on relieving pressure in the four corridors suffering the highest loads.

Structural process enhancements are necessary to achieve a high and sustained quality level over the medium term, too. For this reason, we created the Processexcellence@ZuBa (@Railway of the Future) program to realize the re­­­spec­­tive process improvements and implement Group-wide standards utilizing standardized lean management and digi­­­talization methods. Our first step thereby focuses on im­­proving incident management in the event of major incidents and the provision of trains. These processes con­sis­tently aim to achieve a benefit for end customers. As part of the excellence program, strong process owners are being introduced from the line organization; they are responsible for the continuous further development of processes across all business units to achieve sustained improvement.