2018 Integrated Interim Report – Departure into a new era!

Employment conditions improved

On January 1, 2018, the second phase of the collective wage increase from the collective bargaining agreement round 2016/2017 came into effect for employees of the integrated rail system in Germany. According to the elected options, 40% of employees will receive an additional wage increase of 2.62%. 58% will receive six more vacation days, and for 2% the working time per week will be reduced by one hour. This election model has since been referenced several times in collective bargaining processes in other industries.

Together with the Group Works Council, we created the framework conditions for an accelerated change of today’s work environment through digitalization as part of a new framework Group employer/works council agreement (R-KBV) in March. The R-KBV “Jointly designing our progress and our future” is meant to give our employees guidance and security. Among other things, it was agreed that the Group Works Council will actively participate in the creation of the new work formats, from hierarchy-free teams and work in labs to start-ups and the Intrapreneurship Program.

In late March 2018 we presented the first prototypes of our new corporate clothing during the Annual Results Press Conference. These were developed in cooperation with the designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. The new corporate clothing, which will likely be introduced starting at the end of 2019, will give DB Group a more modern and sympathetic image in its interaction with the public. Confident, well-dressed employees, who feel comfortable, will be able to provide even better service to customers. The new corporate clothing thus represents a further contribution to the Railway of the Future quality program. Significant improvements in functionality, look and comfort additionally increase employee satisfaction and pride and identification with the brand.