Integrated Interim Report 2019 – Germany needs a strong rail system

Development of business units

DB Regio business unit

General framework

Support of the master plan for rail freight transport

The goal of the master plan for rail freight transport is to strengthen rail freight transport and to move more freight from the road to environmentally friendly rail. Removing burdens on TOCs due to train-path prices is a particularly critical step to achieve this goal. DB Cargo utilizes the support for additional traffic and for modal shifts to rail. To this end, DB Cargo invests in resources to generate additional capacities, in the improvement of production quality – multisystem locomotives, for example, enable uninterrupted operation on international corridors – the fulfillment of customer demands for freight cars, and the future viability and digitalization of the business. Major capital expenditures include in particular the procurement of 100 multisystem locomotives and about 6,000 freight cars, as well as equipping more than 60,000 freight cars with GPS. In addition, a comprehensive recruiting and qualification program is underway.